Fractional CTO

You feel alone and unequipped to manage the development team you’ve built

Non-technical founders often feel stuck that they can’t move forward because they don’t have a technical co-founder. The reality is that it’s really hard to find a technical co-founder until you have real traction.

I can help you deliver on your product vision so that you can focus on the aspects of your business that you’re most passionate about.

Why this works better for you

  • Save energy trying to recruit a CTO co-founders and instead work on the traction you desperately need.

  • Save on giving away precious equity until you find the perfect fit for your company.

  • Show investors your product is rock solid by leveraging my expertise and credentials as an endorsement.

How it works

I work with you and your development team on a monthly basis to:

  • ensure your backlog features are well defined and ready for developers to work on

  • work through high level technical problems your team has

  • help with technology trade-off management

  • decide on architecture issues

  • research APIs or other external tools to accelerate development

  • ensure best practices are implemented for testing, integration, deployment and security

The Process

  1. Complete a “Launch in Four Weeks” or “Feature Design and Roadmapping” offering. This provides the in-depth and systematic plan that we can work from.

  2. I run a weekly stand-up with the CEO and the development team

  3. Weekly checkup on your backlog and code to ensure cadence is reasonable

  4. Any technical specification required for existing features

  5. As new feature requests come in and put into the backlog, I perform the technical specification and mock-ups (if needed) to make things crystal clear for your developers what they need to do.

  6. As needed calls with the CEO

  7. Questions answered by email from any investors or grant application


  • The price is $5000 USD per month

  • Paid 100% in advance at the beginning of the month before work starts.

  • If during the first month you don’t think you are getting the value you need from the service, I will give you 100% of that month’s fee back.

  • Cancel anytime with 14 days notice.

  • I won’t actively do any coding but will do technical research and write example code if needed.

  • I won’t do any active recruiting but I can make introductions to people in my network.

  • The backlog and prioritization will be done by the CEO or a product owner. I am happy to provide technical insight into the complexity of these features to help them make decisions for prioritization.